KIEV—Dr. Jill Biden spoke to a group of ADRA staff, UN agency representatives, and other partner nongovernmental organizations including USAID at the ADRA center in Ukraine on Friday, November 21.

Biden took a tour of the ADRA Center and visited with an ADRA-hosted family who is internally displaced as a result of the conflict in the country.

In her speech, Dr. Biden announced that the US is promising $3,000,000 to aid in the Ukraine crisis.

“In my travel around the world, I am convinced that where people work together, there is a hope,” said Dr. Biden.

ADRA’s work in Ukraine has focused on medical help for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. The ADRA Center in Kiev, is also supporting several internally displaced persons (IDPs) including the family that Dr. Biden met.

ADRA has also been working together with USAID and OFDA to help vulnerable and displaced families affected by the conflict with non-food items and rent and utilities.

More recent projects include the Ukrainian Shelter and Winterization Project, which helps to improve the living conditions of nearly 2,400 households in the Kiev oblast.

“Shelter and winterized access to basic needs and services are of urgent concern in eastern Ukraine,” explains Emanuel da Costa, Senior Advisor for Resilience and Humanitarian Response at ADRA International. “The response focuses on the most vulnerable households with limited resources, living in collective centers, poor-quality accommodations and in homes with repair to prepare for harsh winter conditions.”

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